Magical Hand of Grace

Dear Bhagavan I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the blessings, hand of Graces and miracles that you have provided for us.

This is a sharing about a simple but remarkable hand of Grace from the Divine.
A few months ago I made a request in a prayer:
– Please complete heal and restore my relationship with the Divine
– Please Increase my Bond with the Divine

In just a few days time, I receive a surprising phone call from my dear friend that is responsible for Oneness in Australia – Pasquo. This phone call was about asking me if I could help in the P&G Cairns event, to be in charge of all the technology and computer area, in order to make the event possible and available to the people in North Queensland.

I was blown away because that was just the amazing answer to my prayer.

That was an amazing sign from the Divine, it made me feel special, valuable and honoured to be able to be part of the making of the P&G and able to increase my Bond with the Divine.

The good thing is the magic doesn’t stop her, this experience led me later to another amazing Hand of Grace and miracles that happened later in the P&G Cairns event, that I also shared in the Oneness Miracles website.

Thank you Dear Bhagavan for all your Grace, care and Love.

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