Bhagavan’s Presence

For the first time on 16th April 2017, I attended a Oneness Satsang at my village, Harigaon, Meghalaya. While taking Deeksha, i felt very good and blissful. That night, before going to sleep, I asked Sri Bhagavan to show his presence in my life and I prayed him to come inside me.
To my utter surprise, as per my wish, Sri Paramjyoti Amma Bhagavan, came in my dreams and entered my body in the disguise of a snake through my hands. I felt so good and so happy that Sri Bhagavan answered my prayer.
Ananta Koti Kotit thanks to Sri Paramjyoti Amma Bhagavan. Thank you so much. Love You.
Kabita Koch
Harigaon, Meghalaya