My mother got justice after 20 years by divine blessings.

Sri Paramjyoti Amma Bhagavan saranam.
I am Swarnaprava Satpathy from Cuttack.

The elder out of my two brothers was adopted by my uncle. As my uncle’s daughter denied to give my brother his share of land property, he filed a partition case in 1997. While the case was sub-judice, my cousin sister and her family forcibly occupied the entire 7 acres of land property of our family (even though we have 2/3rd share) and did cultivation. Complaining to the Police could not give any fruitful results. My brothers were expecting that the case could be solved early. But year after year passed, without settlement of the case. My second brother having no other source of income and my mother had to pass through acute financial crisis.

The case was settled in favour of my brother in January,2011 in the lower court. When my brothers tried to take possession of the land, the elder among my two brothers expired. It was a terrible shock for my mother. In the meantime the opposite party filed, a case in the Hon’ble High Court of Odisha made a stay for which possession could not be taken.

In 2016 I took my mother for the Kalki Nirdesh Process where she could get the opportunity to have a Skype darsan of Sri Bhagavan and prayed to give her back her land. After doing sadhana as per Kalki Nirdesh, divine blessings showed on my mother and brother. In May 2017 the Hon’ble High Court of Odisha gave its verdict. The Court dismissed the case filed by the opposite party and passed orders to the lower court to give possession of the land within three months.
Getting justice after 20 years could be possible by the blessings of Compassionate Sri Amma Bhagavan which makes any impossible, possible.
I do not have words to offer thanks.
I express gratitude from the core of my heart at the lotus feet.

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