Sri Amma Bhagavan saved me from Police case

Sri Paramjyoti Amma Bhagavan saranam.
I am Shradhanjali Sahoo from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

I attend the Sahasranama havan every year. I pray to Sri Amma Bhagavan to give me Rakshakabacha. In every sphere of my life I experience that I am being protected by my dear Amma Bhagavan. I am sharing one such experience.

I became the Principal of a Women’s College. Some people, were against me, filed a case through a person in the local Police station with the allegation of taking a bribe of Rs.2.5 lakh not to give me the job and give it to someone else. I was very surprised when I received the information. I prayed to Sri Amma Bhagavn to save me from such false allegations. I went to the Police Station to enquired about the case. In my presence the ASI called that person. When he cross questioned that person regarding the money, he could not reply. He admitted that the allegation was false and baseless. As directed by others he had filed the case. He withdrew the case. Rakshapradata Sri Amma Bhagavan saved me from such a situation.

My heartfelt gratitude and crores of thanks to my dear Amma Bhagavan for saving me.

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