I love myself now

I would like share a very wonderful shift that has happened to me during my Satyaloka visit.

Before that let me tell you what was my condition, thought pattern.. I suffer with my thoughts always..want to change them so I fight with myself constantly which I came to know only after Sri Amma Bhagavan’s beautiful teachings.

There was this constant thought of guilt and condemnation that filled me in everything I did, which became one of the reasons I suffered psychologically. So I happened to go for a process as well as seva in Satyaloka. I prayed that I want to live life with peace. For every small thing I feel bad… I could not do anything about it except develop self hatred.

Sri AmmaBhagavan are really the most compassionate GOD who can actually listen to every thought that comes from deep pain. I attended the process where I could gather a lot of courage to see my self, as I was there for a few days doing seva at Satyaloka, I went to Sri AmmaBhagavan Dhyana mandir everyday and meditated as instructed.

What a silence it was…can’t describe it. The experience of that great shift where I just can not condemn my self nor feel guilty any more. I got liberated from this thought of regret of past years. Now how much ever I search for those old repeatative thoughts it is just not there its all changed I am feeling so fresh.

I am rejoicing everyday with this great shift. I feel great joy and peace inside no more burden and struggle exists.

I love you kalki🙏🏻

Be with me Kalki🙏🏻

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